the baby drool bib with a twist

the baby drool bib with a twist

by Suzanne Pritchett October 02, 2017

As a mom-on-the-go, I needed a bib that would work harder for me. Soft and stylish, sure. But also, longer-lasting and more flexible coordination with a variety of outfits, so I didn’t have to pack quite so much. And that’s what sparked the idea for our original, truly reversible, baby bandana drool bib – the bib with a twist.

So, what’s so different about it?

  1. It’s not your typical handkerchief bib – Handkerchief bibs are typically a folded square piece of fabric that when worn, ride high on baby’s neck. Our bib features a scooped neckline to lay flat around the shoulders & chest, increasing coverage, no matter which side you are using. Plus, an inner fleece lining for extra absorption.   
  2. It’s not your typical bandana bib – Bandana bibs typically only have a pattern on the front side, so you really have just one usable side with a single pattern to coordinate against. Every one of our bibs has four 100% organic sides with both solid and patterned color-coordinated designs to choose from.
  3. It’s not even your typical reversible bib – Reversible bibs typically just place a pattern on the front and back of a bib. Our bib has a new patent-pending flippable design that offers four bib faces to choose from. So when you get the front dirty, you can flip it to the middle, enclosing the mess with a fresh side to use. See it in action at the video below:



    For parents on the go who want to pack less and appreciate both function and fashion, this is the bib for you.





    Happy Flipping!



      Want to know more? Here's a step-by-step guide on flipping your new bib:

      To reveal additional sides


      1. Place a thumb in each inside corner.


      2. Push the corners outside-in and through with your Index fingers.                                                       


      3. Snap your wrists to flip the inside bib faces to the outside.

      4. Use either newly revealed side to keep the party going in style. 


      Thanks so much for stopping by!




      Suzanne Pritchett
      Suzanne Pritchett


      Suzanne Pritchett co-founder, dutch+boots

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